Born in Milan, I started flight school in Italy and completed my licenses in the United States. After completing the Alitalia Pilot Course, I worked for the National Company for 7 years.

My first real camera was a Yashica. I bought it in the USA during my training, took it on cross country flights and started taking pictures. I switched to digital in 2006 and progressed to my current setup, a Canon EOSR mirrorless.

Being around the world most of the time, I always have fresh inspiration to shoot places, colors, shapes and people, moods and situations. Images that, just like a log or a journal, take me back exactly to a specific place and time. In order to share these experiences and emotions as well as the magic of places and moments, I decided to create this website. I also keep an instagram page @squaresroundtheworld.

My images are available for licensing and can be ordered as high quality prints signed by the author. Contact me for any enquiries.

Thank you for accessing my site and I hope it brings you good VIBES, and inspires you to travel, discover and take pictures!

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